Computer Abbreviations acronyms full form of D

Computer Abbreviations acronyms full form of D

Computer abbreviations Acronyms and full form of D List of Computer science, IT-Information Technology, internet and technology


D&D- Drag & Drop

D&I- Drop And Insert

D/A- Digital/Analog

D/L- DownLoad

D2C- Decimal To Character

D2X- Decimal To heXadecimal

DAC- Digital to Analog Converter

DAML- Darpa Agent Markup Language

DAN- Disk Area Network

DAO- Data Access Object

DAO- Disk-At-Once

DAP- Directory Access Protocol

DASL- DAv Searching & Locating


DAT- Digital Audio Tape

DATEX- DATa EXchange

DAV- Digital Audio-Video

DB- Data Buffer

DB- DataBase

Abbreviations and acronyms of D

DB- DataBus

dB- DeciBel

dBA- DeciBel Adjusted

DBB- Dynamic Bass Boost

DBCLOB- Double-Byte Character Large OBject

DBF- DataBase File

DBK- DocBooK

DBMS- DataBase Management System

DBP- DataBase Publishing

DBR- Dos Boot Record

DBS- DataBase System

DC-Data Communication

full form of D

DC- Direct Current

DC-Domain Controller

DCAM- Digital CAMera

DCML- Dynamic Configuration Markup Language

DCT- DiCTionary

DD- Digital Display

DD- Double Density

DDE- Direct Data Entry

DDI- Digital Document Interchange

DDL- Document Description Language

DDML- Document Definition Markup Language

DD/MM/YYYY – Date/Month/Year

DDN- Defense Data Network

DDNS- Dynamic Domain Name System

DDR-SDRAM- Double Data Rate – Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory


DELNI- Digital Ethernet Local Network Interconnect

DES- Data Entry Sheet

DES- DEScription

Computer Abbreviations acronyms full form of D

DHTML- Dynamic HyperText Markup Language

DIBOL- DIgital Business Oriented Language

DIC- DICtionary

DIO- Data Input-Output

DIR- DIRectory


DIZ- Description In Zip

DL-Definition List

Computer full form of D


DL-Dual Layer

DMY- Day Month Year

DND- Do Not Disturb

DNS- Domain Name System

DNSBL- Domain Name System Black List

DNSSEC- Domain Name System SECurity

DNSWL- Domain Name System White List

DOA- Dead Or Alive

DOC- DOCument

DOMAIN- Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network

DOS- Disk Operating System

dpi- Dots Per Inch

DRAM- Dynamic Random Access Memory

DR-DOS- Digital Research Disk Operating System

DRDRAM- Direct Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory

DRMOS- Digital Rights Management Operating System

DS-Digital Services

Computer Abbreviations acronyms full form of D

DS-Digital Signal


DS3D- DirectSound 3D

DSDD- Double Sided, Double Density

DSHD- Double Sided, High Density

DSML- Directory Services Markup Language

DSN- Data Source Name

DTML- Document Template Markup Language

DTP- DeskTop Publishing

DTV- DeskTop Video

DTV- Digital TeleVision

DTVC- DeskTop Video Conferencing

DU- Disk Usage

DUN- Dial-Up Networking


DV- Digital Video

DVB- Digital Video Broadcasting

DVC- Desktop Video Conferencing

DVC- Digital Video Camera

DVD- Digital Video (or Versatile) Disk

DVD+MRW- Digital Video (or Versatile) Disk-Mount rainier ReWritable

DVD+RW- Digital Video (or Versatile) Disk-ReWritable

DVD-A- Digital Video (or Versatile) Disk-Audio

DVD-MMVFF- Digital Versatile Disc MultiMedia Video File Format

DVD-R- Digital Video Disk-Recordable

DVD-RAM- Digital Versatile Disk – Random Access Memory

DVD-ROM- Digital Versatile Disk – Read Only Memory

DVD-RW- Digital Video (or Versatile) Disk-ReWritable

DVMA- Direct Virtual Memory Access

DVR- device DriVeR

DVR- Digital Video Recorder

DVX- Digital Voice eXchange

DWG- DraWinG

DX- DirectX

DX- DupleX

DXB- Drawing eXchange Binary

DXVA- DirectX Video Acceleration

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C:Computer Abbreviations acronyms full-form

C:Computer Abbreviations acronyms full-form

C:Computer abbreviations Acronyms and full-form of 0-9 and A-Z List of Computer science, IT-Information Technology, internet and technology


C- C Programming language

C2D- Character To Decimal

C2X- Character To heXadecimal

CAD- Computer-Aided Design

CADD- Computer-Aided Design and Drafting

CAE- Computer Aided Education

CAE- Computer-Aided Engineering

CAL- CALendar

CAPTCHA- Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

CBIOS- Compatibility Basic Input Output System


CBL- Computer Based Learning

CC- Carbon Copy

CCL- Common Command Language

CCTLD- Country Code Top Level Domain

CD- Change Directory

CD- Compact Disk

CD+G- Compact Disk Plus Graphics

CD+MIDI- Compact Disk Plus Musical Instruments Digital Interface

CDA- Compact Disk Audio

CD-DA- Compact Disk Digital Audio

CD-E- Compact Disc Erasable

CDFS- Compact Disk File System

CDL- Computer Design Language

CD-MO- Compact Disk Magneto Optical

CD-MRW- Compact Disk-Mount rainier ReWriteable

CD-PROM- Compact Disk Programmable Read Only Memory

CDR- Corel DRaw

CD-R- Compact Disk Recordable

CDRAM- Cache Dynamic Random Access Memory

CD-RDx- Compact Disk – Rom Data eXchange

CD-ROM- Compact Disk Read Only Memory

CD-RTOS- Compact Disk – Real Time Operating System

CD-RW- Compact Disk-ReWriteable

CD-V- Compact Disk – Video

CD-WO- Compact Disk Write Once

CG- Computer Graphics

CGA- Color Graphics Adapter


CHTML- Compressed Hyper Text Markup Language

CI/O- Comprehensive Input/ Output

CIFF- Camera Image FIle Format

CIFS- Common Internet File System

CIS- Computer Information Systems

C-LCD- Cholesteric Liquid Cristal Display


CLP- CLiPboard

CMD- CoMmanD

CML- Chemical Markup Language

CMOS-Coats-Mellon Operational Specification

CMOS-Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

CMOS-Configuration Memory Operating System

CMY- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

CMYK- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK

COBOL- COmmon Business-Oriented Language

CODEC- COder/DECoder

COL- Computer Oriented Language

COM- COMmand

COMPAQ- COMPatibilty And Quality

cpi- Characters Per Inch

CPP- C Plus Plus (C++)

cps- Characters Per Second

CPS- Cycles Per Second

C:Computer Abbreviations acronyms full-form

CPU- Central Processing Unit

CR- Card Reader

CROM- Control Read-Only Memory

CRT- Cathode Ray Tube

CS- Computer Science

CSP- Cryptographic Service Provider

CSP- Crystal Server Pages


CU- Control Unit

CUI- Character-oriented User Interface

CUI- Common User Interface

CUP- CUrsor Position


CXI- Common X-windows Interface

CXML- Commerce eXtensible Markup Language

CYMK- Cyan-Yellow-Magenta-Black

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Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form of B

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

Computer science, IT, internet and technology popular abbreviations, acronyms and full-form of 0 to 9 and A to Z List


b- Bit

B- Bold (HTML tag)

B- Byte

B&W- Black & White

B/F- Background/Foreground

B2X- Binary To heXadecimal

BAK- BacKup

BAL- Basic Assembly Language


Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

BASIC- Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code


BBS- Bios Boot Specification

BBS- Bulletin Board System

BCC- Blind Carbon Copy

BCC- Block Check Character

BCD- Binary-Coded Decimal

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

BD- Blu-ray Disc

BDAV- Blu-ray Disc Audio/Visual

BDOS- Basic Disk Operating System

BE- Below or Equal

BFF- Binary File Format

BFT- Binary File Transfer

BI- Binary Input

BIB- BIBliography


BINAC- BINary Automatic Computer

BIOML- BIOpolymer Markup Language

BIOS- Basic Input/Output System

BIT- Binary digIT

BIT- Binary Improvement Tool



BO- Binary Output

BOL- Books OnLine

BOP- Bit-Oriented Protocol

BOS- Basic Operating System


bpi- Bits Per Inch

Bpl- Bytes Per Line

bpp- Bits Per Pixel

Bps- Bytes Per Second

BRD- Blue Ray Disk

BS- BackSpace

BSV- Boot Sector Virus


BU- Bluetooth Unit

BURN- Buffer UnderRuN

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Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form of A

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

Computer science, IT, internet and technology popular abbreviations, acronyms and full-form of 0 to 9 and A to Z List


A- Ampere

A- Anchor (HTML tag)

a- atto (10-18)

Å- Ångstrom (10-10)

A/D- Analog/Digital

A/P- Accounts Payable

A/PC- Auto Personal Computer

A/R- Accounts Receivable

A/UX- Apple UniX

AAC- Authorization and Access Control

AAP- Applications Access Point

AAS- Auto Area Segmentation

AAT- Average Access Time

ABA- Address Book Archive (Filename extension)

ABC- Atanasoff-Berry Computer (First digital calculating machine that used vacuum tubes)

ABEL- Advanced Boolean Expression Language

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form
Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form


ABI- Application Binary Interface

ABIOS- Advanced Basic Input Output System

ABS- Auto Balance System

ABS- Automatic Backup System

AC- Alternate Current

AC- Authentication Center

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

AC- AutoCheck

AC- Automatic Computer

ACDI- Asynchronous Communications Device Interface

ACE- Access Control Encryption

ACE- Advanced Computing Environment

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

ACE- Ascii Compatible Encoding

ACF- Advanced Communications Function

ACIAS- Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System

ACID- Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability

ACL- Access Control List

ACL- Advanced CMOS Logic

ACM- Afp Conversion Module

ACM- Audio Compression Manager

ACMS- Application Control Management System

ACNM- Application Centric Network Management

ACP- Active Code Page

ACP- Auxiliary Control Process

ACPI- Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

ACROSS- Automated Cargo Release and Operations Service System

ACS- Access Control Server

ACS- Access Control Set

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

ACS- Access Control System

ACS- Advanced Computer System

ACSM- Application Centric Storage Management

ACT- Application Compatibility Toolkit

ACTS- Automated Computer Time Server

ACTT- Advanced Communication and Timekeeping Technology

AD- Active Directory

ADB- Apple Desktop Bus

ADBS- Advanced Data Broadcast System

ADC- Active Directory Connector

ADC- Analog to Digital Converter

ADCCP- Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures

ADF- Adapter Description File (File name extension)

ADF- Automatic Document Feeder

ADMACS- Apple Document Management And Control System

ADMD- ADministrative Management Domain

ADML- Application Description Markup Language

ADML- Architecture Description Markup Language

ADP- Access Database Project (Filename extension)

ADS- Active Directory Service

ADS- Advanced Digital System

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

ADS- Application Development Solutions

ADSM- Advanced Data Storage Management

ADT- Access Developer Toolkit

ADUC- Active Directory Users and Computers

AE- Above or Equal

AFC- Automatic Font Change

AFC- Automatic Frequency Control

AFD- Automatic File Distribution

AFM- Adobe Font Metrics (File name extension)

AGA- Advanced Graphics Adapter

Ah- Ampere Hour

AI- Analog Input

AI- Artificial Intelligence

AIO- All In One

AIS- Automated Information System

AJAX- Asynchronous Javascript Technology and Xml

ALC- Arithmetic and Logic Circuits

ALGOL- ALGOrithmic Language

ALIWEB- Archie Like Indexing in the WEB

ALR- Advanced Logic Research

ALT- ALTernate

ALU- Arithmetic Logic Unit

AM- Amplitude Modulation

AMP- Alfresco Module Package

AMPS- Advanced Mobile Phone System

ANI- ANImated cursor (File name extension)

AO- Analog Output

AP- Access Point

AP- Access Provider

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

AP- Application Processor

AP- Application Protocol

APL- A Programming Language

APN- Access Point Name

APP- APPlication

APU- Audio Processing Unit

ARC- ARChive

ARF- Abort, Retry, Fail

ARPANET- Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork

AS- Advanced Server

AS- Application Server

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

AS- Authentication Service

AS- Autonomous System

ASC- ASCii text

ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASM- Advanced System Management

ASM- ASseMbler (File name extension)

ASQ- Automated Software Quality

ASR- Automatic Speech Recognition

ASR- Automatic System Recovery

AST- Atlantic Standard Time

ASV- Advanced Super View

AT- Advanced Technology

AT- ATtention

AT&T- American Telephone And Telegraph

ATA- Advanced Technology Attachment

ATC- Advanced Transfer Cache

ATM- Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATM- Automatic Teller Machine


AU- Audio (File name extension)

AUX- AUXiliary

AV- Anti Virus

AV- Audio Video

AVG- Average

AVGA- Advanced Video Graphic Array

AVTK- Anti Virus ToolKit

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0-9:Computer Abbreviations acronyms full-form

0-9:Computer Abbreviations acronyms full-form

0-9:Computer abbreviations, Acronyms and full-form of 0-9 and A-Z List of Computer science, IT-Information Technology, internet and technology

μ (mu)- Micro (10-6)

10B2— 10BASE-2

10B5— 10BASE-5

10B-F— 10BASE-F




10B-T— 10BASE-T

100B-FX— 100BASE-FX

100B-T— 100BASE-T

100B-TX— 100BASE-TX

100BVG— 100BASE-VG

1GL- 1st Generation Language

24/7- 24 hours a day/7 days a week

2D- 2-Dimensional

2D- Double Density

2G- 2nd Generation (14.4 kbps)

2GL- 2nd Generation Language

2HD- 2 sides, High Density

2S- 2 Sides

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a to z computer full form

2S2D- 2 Sides, Double Density

2SHD- 2 Sides, High Density

3D- 3-Dimensional

3G- 3rd Generation (300-400 kbps)

3GIO- 3rd Generation Input Output

3GL- 3rd Generation Language

4G- 4th Generation

4GL- 4th Generation Language

4GT- 4 Gigabyte memory Tuning

5GL- 5th Generation Language

8B10BLF— 8 Byte 10 Byte Local Fiber

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