M : Full form (Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms)

Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms OR Computer Full form


M- Mega

m- Milli

mA- Milliampere

MAB- Multi-Architecture Binary


MAC- Mandatory Access Control

MAC- Media Access Control

MAC- Move, Add, Change

MAC- Multiple Access Computers

MAC- Multiplexed Analog Component

MAC- Multiply ACcumulate

MAD- Microsoft Active Directory

MAD- Mpeg Audio Decoder

MADCAP- Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol

MADYMO- MAthematical DYnamic MOdeling

MAE- Metropolitan Area Exchange

mAh- MilliAmpere per Hour

MAI- Multiple Applications Interface

MAJC- Microprocessor Architecture for Java Computing

MAM- Memory Allocation Map


MAN- Metropolitan Area Network

MANIAC- Mathematical Analyzer Numerical Integrator And Computer

MAO- Machine Account Object

MAOS- Multiple Application Operating System

MAR- Memory Address Register

MARC- Multitechnology Automated Reader Card

MAS- Microsoft Authorized Support

MASM- Macro ASseMbler

MASS- Maximum Availability and Support Subsystem

MAT- Memory Analyzer Tool

MathML- MATHematical Markup Language

MAU- Media Attachment Unit

MAU- Multistation Access Unit

MAVICA- MAgnetic VIdeo CAmera

MAX- MAssively parallel uniX

MAX- MAXimum

MAXML- Multichannel Accessible eXtensible Markup Language

Mb- MegaBit

MB- MegaByte

MB- MotherBoard

MBASIC- Microsoft Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

MBCS- Multi-Byte Character Set

Mbps- MegaBits Per Second

MBps- MegaBytes Per Second

MBX- MailBoX

MCA- Micro Channel Architecture

MCAD- Mechanical Computer-Aided Design

MCAD- Microsoft Certified Application Developer

MCDBA- Microsoft Certified DataBase Administrator

MCGA- MultiColor Graphic Adapter

MCIS- Microsoft Commercial Internet System

MCM- MultiChip Module

MCP- Media and Communications Processor

MCPC- Multi Channel Per Carrier

MCU- MicroController Unit

MCU- Multi-Chip Unit

MCU- Multipoint Control Unit

MD- Make Directory

MD- MicroDrive

MD- Mini Disk

MD- Monochrome Display

MDB- Multiple-Device Boot

MDBE- Microsoft DataBase Engine

MDBMS- Multidimensional DataBase Management System

MDI- Memory Display Interface

MDI- Multiple Document Interface

MDI- Multiplex Device Interface

MDLP- Mobile Data Link Protocol

MDRAM- Multi-bank Dynamic Random Access Memory

MDT- Mechanical DeskTop

MDY- Month Day Year

ME- Millenium Edition


MF- Multi Frequency

MFLOPS- Million Floating point Operation Per Second

MFM- Modified Frequency Modulation

MFP- MultiFunction Printer

MGML- Minimal Generalized Markup Language

MGR- ManaGeR

MHEG- Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group

MHz- MegaHertZ

MiB- MebIByte

MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

MIDI- Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIDL- Microsoft Interface Definition Language

MIMO- Multiple-Input Multiple-Output

MIN- MINimum

MIND- Microsoft INternet Developer

MIO- Memory Input/Output

MIPS- Million Instructions Per Second

MISC- MISCellaneous

MKDIR- MaKe DIRectory

MMC- MultiMedia Card

MMC- MultiMedia Commands

MMCD- MultiMedia Compact Disk

MMCDE- MultiMedia Compact Disk Erasable

MML- Music Markup Language

MMOD- Male MODem

MMS- Microsoft Media Server

MMS- Multimedia Messaging Service

MOD- Magneto-Optical Disk

MOD- MODulus

MODEM- MOdulator/DEModulator

MOHLL- Machine Oriented High Level Language

MOPS- Million Operations Per Second

MO-ROD- Magneto Optical-Rewriteable Optical Disk

MOSS- Microsoft Office Server System

MOTIS- Message-Oriented Text Interchange Systems



MP- MicroProcessor

MP- Multi Processor

MP3- MPeg layer 3

MP4- MPeg layer 4

MPC- Multimedia Personal Computer

MPEG- Moving Picture Experts Group

MPIO- Multi-Path Input/Output

MPR- MultiPart Repeater

MPS- Multiple Priority System

MPSX- Mathematical Programming System eXtended

MPTN- Multi-Protocol Transport Network

MPTP- Micro Payment Transfer Protocol

MPU- MicroProcessor Unit

MQ- Message Queuing

MR- Memory Read

MRAM- Magnetic Random Access Memory

MRCF- Microsoft Realtime Compression Format

MREQ- Memory REQuest

MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MS- Memory System

MS- MicroSoft

ms- MilliSecond

MSAV- MicroSoft Anti Virus

MSB- Most Significant Bit/Byte

MSCDEX- MicroSoft CD-rom EXtensions

MSDA- MicroSoft Direct Access

MSDN- Macintosh Software Distribution Network

MSDN- MicroSoft Developer Network

MSDOS- MicroSoft Disk Operating System

MSG- Message

MS-ISDN- Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network number

MSN- MicroSoft Network

MSP- Messaging Service Provider

MSP- MicroSoft Paint

MSS- Multiprotocol Switched Server

MSSP- Managed Security Service Provider

MTN- Mobile Telephone Network

MTS- Microsoft Transaction Server

MUL- MULtiply

MULDEM- MULtiplexer-DEMultiplexer

mV- MilliVolt

MW- Memory Write

MX- Mail eXchanger

MXS- Microsoft eXchange Server

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