W : Full form (Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms)

Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms OR Computer Full form


W- Watt

W- Word

W/- With

W/O- WithOut

W2K- Windows 2000

W3- World Wide Web

W3J- World Wide Web Journal

WAAS- Wide Area Augmentation System

WAB- Windows Address Book

WABI- Windows Application Binary Interface

WADL- Web Application Description Language

WAI- Web Accessibility Initiative

WAI- Web Application Interface

WAIK- Windows Automated Installation Kit

WAIPF- Web Accessibility Initiative Protocols and Formats

WAIS- Wide Area Information Server/Service

WAITS- Wide Area Information Transfer System

WAN- Wide Area Network

WAP- Wireless Access Point

WAP- Wireless Application Protocol

WAPI- Workflow Application Programming Interface

WAR- Web ARchive

WARIA- Workflow And Reengineering International Association

WAS- Web Application Server

WASP- Wireless Application Service Provider

WATS- Wide Area Telephone Service

WAV- WAVeform

WB- Wide Band

WBMP- Wireless BitMaP

WBXML- Wap Binary eXtensible Markup Language

WC- Word Count

WCA- Web Clipping Application

WCCP- Web Cache Communications Protocol

WCDMA- Wideband Code Division Multiple Access

WCS- Web Communications Server

WCTL- Web Crossing Template Language

WDDX- Web Distributed Data eXchange

WDF- Windows Driver Foundation

WDL- Windows Driver Library

WDM- Wavelength-Division Multiplexing

WDM- Windows Driver Model

WDRAM- Windows Dynamic Random Access Memory

WDRD- Web Description Resources Datatypes

WDS- Wireless Distribution System

WDU- Windows Desktop Update

WE- Write Enable

WEA- Web-Enabled Application

WebDAV- Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning

WebNFS- Web Network File System

WEDJE- Widget Enabled Dom Javascript Embedding

WEO- World Economic Outlook

WEP- Windows Entertainment Pack

WEP- Windows Entry Point

WEP- Wireless Encryption Protocol

WFP- Windows File Protection

WfW- Windows for Workgroups

WH2FO- Word Html To Formatting Objects

WHISPER- Windows Highly Intelligent SPEech Recognition

WICD- Web Integration Compound Document

WIDL- Web Interface Definition Language

WIF- Wavelet Image File

Wi-Fi- Wireless Fidelity

WIM- Windows Image Format

WIMP- Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing devices

WIN- Wireless Information Network

Win2K- WINdows 2000

Win2K3- WINdows 2003

WINForum- Wireless Information Networks FORUM

WINS- Windows Internet Name Service


Wintel- WINdows/inTEL

WISP- Wireless Internet Service Provider

WKB- WorKBook

WKS- WorKSheet

WLAN- Wireless Local Area Network

WLG- dr. Watson LoG

WLL- Wireless Local Loop

WLS- Web Logic Server

WM- Windows Media

WM- Windows Messenger

WMA- Windows Media Audio

WME- Windows Media Encoder

WMF- Windows Metafile Format

WMFSDK- Windows Metafile Format Software Development Kit

WML- Wireless Markup Language

WMLS- Wireless Markup Language Script

WMP- Windows Media Player

WMRM- Write Many, Read Many

WMT- Windows Media Technology

WMV- Windows Media Video

WOM- Write-Only Memory

WORM- Write Once Read Many

WOSA- Windows Open Systems Architecture

WOW- Windows on Win32

WP- Word Processor

WP- Word Perfect

WP- Write Protected

WPA- Wi-fi Protected Access

WPA- Windows Product Activation

WPAN- Wireless Personal Area Network

WPD- Windows Printer Description

WPD- WordPerfect Document

WPF- Windows Presentation Foundation

WPG- WordPerfect Graphics

WPHD- Write-Protected Hard Disk

WPM- WordPerfect Macro

wpm- Words Per Minute

WPS- Windows Printing System

WPW- Web Publishing Wizard

WPW- WordPerfect for Windows

WQL- Wmi Query Language

WQXGA- Wide Quad eXtended Graphics Array

WRAM- Window Random Access Memory


WRK- Windows Resource Kit

WS- Web Services

WS- Word Star

WS- WorkStation

WSAPI- Web Site Application Programming Interface

WSC- Windows Script Component

WSCDL- Web Services Choreography Description Language

WSDL- Web Service Description Language

WSF- Windows Script File

WSH- Windows Script Host

WSIL- Web Services Inspection Language

WSML- Web Services Markup Language

WSP- Wireless Session Protocol

WSTK- Web Services ToolKit

WSUI- Web Service User Interface

WTO- World Trade Organization

WTP- Wireless Transport Protocol

WTS- Windows Terminal Server

WUS- Windows Update Services

WUXGA- Wide Ultra eXtended Graphics Array

WV- Working Voltage

WVGA- Wide Video Graphic Array

WWD- Wireless Web Display

WWID- World Wide IDentifier

WWIS- World Wide Information System

WWN- World Wide Name

WWW- World Wide Web

WXGA- Wide eXtended Graphics Array

WZC- Wireless Zero Configuration

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