Computer full form Abbreviations acronyms of F

Computer full form Abbreviations acronyms of F

Computer full form abbreviations Acronyms of F List of Computer science, IT-Information Technology, internet and technology

F – Computer full form

FAIL- Fast Artificial Intelligence Language

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

FASIC- Function and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit

FAT- File Allocation Table

FBRAM- Frame Buffer Random Access Memory

FCC- File Carbon Copy

FCRAM- Fast-Cycle Random Access Memory

FD- Flat Display

FD- Floppy Disk

FD- Full Duplex

FDD- Floppy Disk Drive

FDx- Full DupleX

FED- Field Emitting Display

FEPROM- Flash Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

FeRAM- FErroelectric Random Access Memory

FF- Flip-Flop

FF- Form Feed

FICON- FIber CONnection

FIFOFS- First In First Out File System

FILO- First In Last Out

FIR- Fast InfraRed

FLC- Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal

FLL- Foxpro Link Library

FLOPS- FLoating-point Operations Per Second

FM- Frequency Modulation

FMD-ROM- Fluorescent Multilayer Disk – Read Only Memory


FMV- Full Motion Video

FN- FunctioN


FO- Fiber Optic

FOC- Fiber Optic Cable

FOD- Flexible Optical Disk


FOR- FORtran


fps- Frames Per Second


FRAM- Ferroelectric Random-Access Memory

FRED- FRame EDitor

FSIOP- File System Input/Output Processor

FTP- File Transfer Protocol

FXP- File eXchange Protocol

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