U : Full form (Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms)

Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms OR Computer Full form


U- Underline

U- Unit

U/W SCSI- Ultra/Wide Small Computers System Interface

U2W- Ultra-2-Wide

UA- User Area

UAC- Universal Access Control

UAC- User Account Control

UADSL- Universal Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

UAF- User Authorization File

UAM- User Authentication Method

UAN- Universal Application Network

UAP- Unified Approval Procedure

UAPDU- User Agent Protocol Data Unit

UAProf- User Agent PROFile

UART- Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter

UAS- User Application Software

UBA- UniBus Adapter

UBB- Ultimate Bulletin Board

UBE- Unsolicited Bulk E-mail

UBL- Universal Business Language

UBR- Unspecified Bit Rate

UC- UnCacheable

UCAA- Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive

UCD- Unicode Character Database

UCE- Unsolicited Commercial Email

UCL- Universal Communications Language

UCLP- Universal Commerce Language and Protocol

UCS- Universal Character Set

UCS- User Coordinate System

UCSD- User Centered Systems Design

UCSPI- Unix Client-Server Program Interface

UDA- Universal Data Access

UDB- Universal DataBase

UDBC- Universal DataBase Connectivity

UDC- Universal Decimal Classification

UDD- User Data Document

UDDI- Universal Description, Discovery and Integration

UD-DVD- Ultra Definition Digital Video/Versatile Disk

UDE- Universal Data Exchange

UDEC- Universal Digital Electronic Computer

UDF- Uniqueness Database File

UDF- Universal Disk Format

UDF- User-Defined Function

UDG- User Defined Gateway

UDI- Unrestricted Digital Information

UDMA- Ultra Direct Memory Access

UDO- Ultra Density Optical

UDP- User Datagram Protocol

UDP/IP- User Datagram Protocol/Internet Protocol

UDRP- Uniform domain-name Dispute Resolution Policy

UDT- Uniform Data Transfer

UDT- User-defined Data Type

UDX- Universal Data eXchange

UFS- Unix File System

UFT- Unsolicited File Transfer

UG- User Group

UGA- User Global Area

UHA- Ultra-High Aperture

UHE- Ultra High Efficiency

UHF- Ultra-High Frequency

UHL- Universal Hypertext Link

UHP- Ultra-High Performance

UI- Unix International

UI- User Interface

UIC- User Identification Code

UID- Unit IDentifier

UID- User IDentifier

UID- User Interface Document

UIL- User Interface Language

UIMS- User Interface Management System

UIN- Universal Internet Number

UL- Unordered List

UL- UpLoad

ULA- Uncommitted Logic Array

ULANA- Unified Local Area Network Architecture

ulp- Unit in Last Place

ULP- Upper Layer Protocol

ULSI- Ultra Large Scale Integration

ULV- Ultra Low Voltage

UMA- Unified Memory Architecture

UMA- Universal Measurement Architecture

UMA- Upper Memory Area

UMA- User Mode Audio

UML- Unified Modeling Language

UMPC- Ultra Mobile Personal Computer

UMS- Universal Management Service

UMTS- Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

UN/EDIFACT- United Nations Electronic Data Interchange For Administration Commerce and Transport

UNCOL- UNiversal Computed Oriented Language

UNDI- Universal Network Driver Interface

UNI- Universal Network Interface


UNICOM- UNiversal Integrated COMmunication

UNII- Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure

UNIVAC- UNIVersal Automatic Computer

UNMA- Unified Network Management Architecture

UNO- United Nations Organization

UOW- Unit Of Work

UP- UniProcessor

UPC- Universal Product Code

UPC- User Parameter Control

UPG- UPGrade

UPI- Universal Peripheral Interface

UPI- User Programmatic Interface

UPL- User Program Language

UPM- Unix Programmer’s Manual

UPM- User Profile Management

UPN- User Principal Name

UPnP- Universal Plug and Play

UPS- Uninterruptible Power Supply

URA- Uniform Resource Agent

URC- Uniform Resource Characteristics

UREP- Unix Rscs Emulation Protocol

URI- Uniform Resource Identifier

URIBL- Uniform Resource Identifier Black List

URL- Uniform Resource Locator

URN- Uniform Resource Name

USART- Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter

USB- Universal Serial Bus

USBIF- Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum


USL- Unix System Laboratories

USN- Update Sequence Number

USOC- Universal Service Ordering Code

USQ- UnSQueezed

usr- Unix System Resources

UT- Universal Time

UT- User Terminal

UTI- Universal Text Interchange

UTRAN- UMTS Terestrial Radio Access Network

UUCP- Unix to Unix Copy Program

UUD- Unix-To-Unix Decoding

UUE- Unix-To-Unix Encoding


UV- UltraViolet

UWIN- Unix for WINdows

UXF- Uml eXchange Format

UXGA- Ultra eXtended Graphics Array

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