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LA- Limited Availability

LADDR- LAyered Device DRiver

LAM- Local Area Multicomputer

LAN- Local Access Network

LAN- Local Area Network

LASER- Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LASTport- Local Area Storage TransPORT

LAT- Local Area Transport

LAWN- Local Area Wireless Network

LB- Local Bus


LC- Liquid Crystal

LCD- Liquid Crystal Display

LCDUI- Liquid Crystal Display User Interface

LD- Laser Disc

LD- LoaD

LDML- Locale Data Markup Language

LED- Light Emitting Diode

LFN- Long FileName

LIB- LIBrary

LIFO- Last In First Out

LILO- Last In Last Out

LIPS- Logical Inferences Per Second

LIPS- Logical Instruction Per Second

LITHP- LInk Type description language for HyperText Processing

LOG- LOGarithm

LOGML- LOG Markup Language

LOOPS- Lisp Object Oriented Programming System

lpi- Lines Per Inch

lpm- Lines Per Minute

lps- Lines Per Second

LPT- Line PrinTer

LQ- Letter Quality

LQM- Link Quality Monitoring

LS- Laser Servo

LS- Library Server

LS- License Server

LS- Login Server

LSA- Local Security Authority

LSAPI- License Services Application Programming Interface

LSAS- Local Security Authentication Server

LSASS- Local Security Authority Subsystem Service

LSB- Least Significant Bit/Byte

LSC- Least Significant Character

LSD- Least Significant Digit

LSP- License Service Provider


LTR- Left-To-Right


LU- Logical Unit

LUI- Local User Input

LUN- Logical Unit Number

LUS- LookUp Service

LV- Logical Volume

LV- Low Voltage

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