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OAAM- Oracle Adaptive Access Manager

OAB- One-to-All Broadcast

OAM- Oracle Access Manager

OAS- Oracle Application Server

OASIS- Open Access Same-time Information System

OASIS- Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards


OCFS- Oracle Cluster File System

OCR- Optical Character Recognition

OD- Optical Disk

ODBMS- Object DataBase Management System

ODD- Optical Disk Drive

ODF- Open Document Format

ODQL- Object Database Query Language

ODT- Open DeskTop

OE- Operating Environment

OE- Outlook Express

OF- Outer Firewall

OFDM- Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

OFMT- Output ForMaT

OFS- Object File System

OID- Oracle Internet Directory

OIM- Open Information Model

OIM- Oracle Identity Manager

OIS- Office Information System

OL- Ordered List

OLED- Organic Light Emitting Diode

OLE-DB- Object Linking and Embedding-DataBase

OMR- Optical Mark Recognition

OO- Object Oriented

OOA- Object-Oriented Analysis

OOAD- Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

OOD- Object-Oriented Design

OODB- Object-Oriented DataBase

OODBMS- Object-Oriented DataBase Management System

OODL- Object-Oriented Dynamic Language

OOOS- Object-Oriented Operating System

OOP- Object-Oriented Programming

OOPL- Object-Oriented Programming Language

OOPS- Object-Oriented Programming System

OOPSLA- Object-Oriented Programming Systems and Language Architecture

OOPSTAD- Object-Oriented Programming for SmallTalk Application Development association

OOS- Object-Oriented Systems

OOSA- Object-Oriented System Analysis

OOSE- Object-Oriented Software Engineering

OOT- Object-Oriented Technology

OO-TP- Object-Oriented Transaction Processing

OOXML- Office Open eXtensible Markup Language

OP- OPeration

OPD- OPeranD

OpenGL- OPEN Graphics Language

OPM- Operations Per Minute

OPML- Outline Processor Markup Language

OPROM- Optical Programmable Read Only Memory

ops- Operations Per Second

OPT- OPTions

OR- OverRun

ORDBMS- Object Relational DataBase Management System

OROM- Optical Read Only Memory

O-ROM- Optical Read Only Memory

OS- Operating System

OSCML- OSChooser Markup Language

OSCRL- Operating System Command Response Language

OSD- On-Screen Display

OSD- Open Software Description

OSD- Open Source Definition

OSD- Operating System Deployment

OSDN- Open Source Development Network

OSE- Office Server Extension

OSM- On-Screen Menu

OSN- Open Systems Network

OSP- Online Service Provider

OSP- Operations Service Provider

OSP- Optical Signal Processing

OSQL- Object Structured Query Language

OSSIM- Open Source Security Information Management

OSX- Operating System Ten

OTML- Offline Tagging Markup Language

OTPROM- One-Time Programmable Read Only Memory

OUI- Organizationally Unique Identifier

OVAL- Object-based Virtual Application Language

OVD- Oracle Virtual Directory

OVL- OVerLay

OVR- OVeRlay

OWA- Outlook Web Access

OWORM- Optical Write Once Read Many

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