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Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms OR Computer Full form


R&D- Research & Development

RAVE- Real Animated Vector Effects

R/O- Read Only

R/W- Read/Write

RA- Real Audio

RA- Remote Assistance

RAC- Real Application Cluster

RAC- Remote Access Card

RAD- Rapid Access Disk

RADIUS- Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service

RAI- Rapid Application Integration

RAID- Redundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Disks

RALU- Register-equipped Arithmetic Logic Unit

RAM- Random Access Memory

RAM- Real Audio Metafile

RAMDAC- Random Access Memory Digital to Analog Converter

RAMP- Remote Access Maintenance Protocol

RAMP- Risk Analysis and Management Program

RAN- Radio Access Network


RAND- Rural Area Network Design

RAP- Rapid Application Prototyping

RAPI- Remote access Application Programming Interface

RAPI- RSVP Application Programming Interface

RARP- Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

RAS- Random Access Storage

RASAPI- Remote Access Service Application Programming Interface

RAT- Remote Access Trojan

RB- Right Button

RBCS- Remote Bar Code System

RCP- Restore Cursor Position

RD- Remote Desktop

RD- Remove Directory

RDA- Remote Data Access

RDBMS- Relational DataBase Management System

RDBMS-MIB- Relational DataBase Management System – Management Information Base

RDD- Replicable Database Driver

RDDL- Resource Directory Description Language

RDIMM- Registered Dual In-line Memory Module

RDL- Report Definition Language

RDO- Remote Data Object

RDOS- Realtime Disk Operating System

RDP- Remote Display/Desktop Protocol

RDRAM- Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory

RDX- Realistic Display miXer

REC- RECorder

RECFM- RECord ForMat

ReLaTe- REmote LAnguage TEaching

RELAX- REgular LAnguage description for Xml

RELML- Real Estate Listing Markup Language






REQ- REQuest


RES- RESolution

RES- RESource

RES- Robots Exclusion Standard



RF- Radio Frequency

RFS- Remote File Sharing

RFS- Remote File System

RHD- Removable Hard Drive

RI- Referential Integrity

RIA- Rich Internet Application

RIFF- Resource Interchange File Format

RMD- Required Markup Declaration

RMDIR- ReMove DIRectory

RMW- Read, Modify, Write

RNA- Remote Network Access


RNG- Random Number Generator

RNP- Regional Network Provider

ROADM- Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer

ROD- Rewritable Optical Disk

ROD- Rewriteable Optical Disk

ROL- Rotate Left

ROM- Read Only Memory

ROM- Report Object Model

ROR- Rotate Right

ROS- Read-Only Storage

ROS- Return on Service

ROSCOE- Remote Operating System Conversational Online Environment

RPL- Resident Programming Language

rpm- Rounds/Revolutions Per Minute

RPN- Real Page Number

RPPROM- ReProgrammable Programmable Read Only Memory

RST- Reset

RST- Restart

RSVP- Resource reservation Protocol

RT- Run Time

RTF- Rich Text Format

RTN- Return

RTOS- Real Time Operating System

RTV- Real-Time Video

RTX- Run Time eXtension

RUN- Rewind/Unload

RW- Read Write

RWM- Read-Write Memory

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