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X- X windows

X2B- heXadecimal To Binary

X2C- heXadecimal To Character

X2D- heXadecimal To Decimal

XACL- Xml Access Control Language

XBL- Xml Binding Language

XBM- X BitMap


XCMD- eXternal CoMmanD

XCP- eXtended Copy Protection

XDF- Extended Density Format

XDK- Xml Development Kit

XDM- X Display Manager

XDR- eXternal Data Representation

XDR- Xml Data Reduced

XFCN- eXternal FunCtioN

XFDL- eXtensible Forms Description Language

XGA- eXtended Graphics Array

XGMML- eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language

XHR- Xml Http Request

XHTML- eXtensible HyperText Markup Language

XIF- eXternal Interface File

XIF- Xml Interchange Format

XIFF- eXtended Image File Format

XIOS- eXtended Input/Output System

XLK- eXceL bacKup

XLL- eXtensible Linking Language

XLM- eXceL Macro

XLS- eXceL Spreadsheet

XLT- eXceL Template

XLW- eXceL Workbook

XML- eXtensible Markup Language

XMLDSIG- eXtensible Markup Language Digital SIGnature

XMLP- eXtensible Markup Language Protocol

XMLQL- eXtensible Markup Language Query Language

XMML- eXploration and Mining Markup Language

XMS- eXtended Memory Specification

XMSG- Xml MeSsaGing

XNS- Xerox Network Services

XOP- Xml-binary Optimized Packaging

XOR- eXclusive OR

XP- eXPerience

XP- eXtreme Programming

XPE- eXPerience Embedded

XPIDL- Cross Platform Interface Definition Language

XPM- X PixMap

XQL- eXtensible Query Language

XR- eXternal Reset

XRF- eXtended Recovery Facility

XRNS- eXtensible Resource Name System

XRT- eXtensions for Real-Time

XSD- Xml Schema Definition

XSL- eXtensible Style Language

XSP- eXtensible Server Pages

xSP- eXternal Service Provider

XT- eXtended Technology


XTM- Xml Topic Map

XTND- Xml Transition Network Definition

XUL- Xml User interface Language

XVGA- eXtended Video Graphics Array

XWD- X Window Dump

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