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n- Nano

NAD- Network Access Device

NAD- Network Activity Display

NAMI- Network Adaptive Multimedia Image

NaN- Not A Number

NAP- Network Access Point

NAS- Network Access Server

NAS- Network Application Support

NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NAU- Network Access Unit

NAV- Norton Anti Virus

NC- Network Computer

NCOS- Network Computer Operating System

NCP- Network Control Program

NDL- Network Database Language

NDM- Network Data Manager

NDP- Numeric Data Processor

NE- Network Element

NE- Not Equal

NED- Nano-Emissive Display

NEG- NEGative

NEP- Network Equipment Provider

NetBIOS- NETwork Basic Input Output System

NFS- Need For Speed

NFS- Network File System

NFSU2- Need For Speed- Underground 2

NFT- Network File Transfer

NIC- Network Information Center

NIDL- Network Interface Definition Language

NIIT- National Institute of Information Technology

NIO- Native Input/Output

NIS- Norton Internet Security

N-ISDN- Narrowband Integrated Services Digital Network

N-ISDN- National Integrated Services Digital Network

NNTP- Network News Transport Protocol

NOTA- None Of The Above

NPI- Network Printer Interface

NSN- Nasa Science Network

NSP- Network Service Provider

NSP- Network Services Protocol

NTP- Network Time Protocol

NTSD- New Technology Symbolic Debugger

NVML- NaVigation Markup Language

NVP- Network Voice Protocol

NVRAM- Non-Volatile Random Access Memory

NVS- Non-Volatile Storage

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