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Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms OR Computer Full form


T- Tera

T&L- Transform And Lighting

T/B- Top/Bottom

T9- Typing on 9 keys

TA- Terminal Adapter

TAB- Tape Automated Bonding

TAG- Telecommunications Access Gateway

TAL- Typed Assembly Language

TAN- Table Area Network

TAN- Tape Area Network

TAN- TransAction Number

TAO- Track-At-Once

TAR- Tape ARchive

TAS- Telephone Access Server

TASM- Turbo ASseMbler

TB- TeraByte

TBAV- ThunderByte Anti Virus

TBK- ToolBooK

TBU- Tape Backup Unit

TC- Transmission Control

TCA- Transaction Cost Analysis

TCAM- TeleCommunication Access Method

TCAM- Ternary Content Addressable Memory

TCAV- Trend Chip Away Virus

TCP/IP- Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TCPBEUI- Transmission Control Protocol BIOS Extended User Interface

TCPLW- Transmission Control Protocol Large Windows

TD- Table Data

TD- Transmit Data

TDA- To Do Archive

TD-CDMA- Time Division Code Division Multiple Access

TDE- Terminal Display Editor

TDF- Trace Definition File

TDF- Typeface Definition File

TDL- Test Description Language

TDM- Technical Document Management

TDM- Telecom Designed Network

TDMS- Terminal Display Management System

TDR- Time Domain Reflectometry

TDS- Tex Directory Structure

TE- Terminal Equipment

TEA- Tiny Encryption Algorithm

TED- Tiny EDitor

TELNET- TELephone NETwork

TEML- Turbo Editor Macro Language


TERM- Technology Enabled Relationship Management

TERMCAP- TERMinal CAPability



TFM- Tagged Font Metric

TH- Table Header

THOR- Tandy High-performance Optical Recording

TIB- Tag Information Base

TiB- TebIByte

TID- Target IDentifier

TIF- Tagged Image File

TIFF- Tagged Image File Format

TIGER- Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing

TIIAP- Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program

TIL- Tech Information Library

TINAC- Telecommunication Information Networking Architecture Consortium

TIP- Terminal Interface Processor

TIP- Text Input Processor

TIP- Transputer Image Processing

TIPHON- Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonzation Over Networks

TIS- Transaction Information System

TISPAN- Telecoms & Internet converged Services & Protocols for Advanced Networking

TKPROF- Transient Kernel PROFile

TL1- Translation Language 1

TLA- Three Letters Acronym

TLB- Translation Look-aside Buffer

TLD- Top Level Domain

TLE- Template Language Extensions

TLP- Transmission Level Point

TLS- Thread Local Storage

TLS- Transport Layer Security

TLU- Table LookUp


TM- TradeMark

TM- Traffic Management

TM- Transaction Monitor

TM- Translation Memory

TM- Transmission and Multiplexing

TMA- Transparent Media Adapter

TML- TeMpLate

TMN- Telecommunication Management Network

TMP- TeMPorary

TMPFS- TeMPorary File System

TMX- Translation Memory eXchange

TN- Twisted Nematic

TNEF- Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format

TNFS- Trusted Network File System

TNG- The New Generation

TNLCD- Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display

TOMS- Transactions On Mathematical Software

TOOIS- Transactions On Office Information Systems

TOP- Technical Office Protocol

TOPICS- Total Online Program and Information Control System

TOPLAS- Transactions On Programming Languages And Systems

tops- Theoretical Operations Per Second

TOPS- Timesharing OPerating System

TP- Transaction Processing

TP- Twisted Pair

TPCP- Two Phase Commit Protocol

TPD- Technical Product Documentation

TPDU- Transport Protocol Data Unit

TPF- Transaction Processing Facility

tpi- Tracks Per Inch

TPI- Transport Provider Interface

TPL- Table Producing Language

TPL- Targeted Peripheral List

TPL- Transaction Processing Language

TPM- Transaction Processing Manager

tpm- Transactions Per Minute

TPOS- Transaction Processing Operating System

TPPC- Transaction Processing Performance Council

TPPMD- Twisted Pair Physical layer Medium Dependent

TPS- Transaction Processing System

TPS- Transactions Per Second

TPx- Transport Protocol class x

TQM- Total Quality Management

TR- Table Row

TR- Technical Report

TR- Terminal Ready

TR- TRavan

TRADIC- TRansistorized Airborne Digital Computer

TrAX- TRansformation Api for Xml

TREX- Tree Regular Expressions for Xml

TRIB- Transfer Rate of Information Bits

TRIP- Telephony Routing over Internet Protocol

TRM- TeRMinal

TRPC- Transactional Remote Procedure Call

TS- Terminal Services

TS- Top Secret

TS- Transaction Server

TS/SI- Top Secret/Sensitive Information

TSAP- Transport Service Access Point

TSAPI- Telephony Server Application Programming Interface

TSD- Type-Specific Driver

TSDU- Transport Service Data Unit

TSE- Terminal Server Edition

TSF- Text Services Framework

TSI- Transmission Subscriber Identification

TSI- Transport Security Initiative

TSID- Transmitting Subscriber IDentifier

TSM- Transaction Services Manager

TSN- Task Sequence Number

TSO- Time Sharing Option

TSP- Telephony Service Provider

TSP- Total Service Provider

TSPI- Telephony Service Provider Interface

TSQL- Transact Structured Query Language

TSS- Time Sharing System


TT- Typewriter Text

TTL- Transistor-Transistor Logic

TTRP- Time Token Rotation Protocol

TTS- Text-To-Speech

TTY- TeleTYpewriter

TUT- TUTorial

TUX- Torvald’s UniX

TV- TeleVision

TVD- Total Virus Defense

TVI- TeleVision Interference

TVT- TeleVision Terminal

TWIP- TWentIeth of a Point

TWX- TeletypeWriter eXchange service

TX- Transmit

TXD- Transmit Data

TXF- Tax eXchange Format


TXT- Trusted eXecution Technology

TZ- Time Zone

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