Computer full form Abbreviations acronyms of H

Computer full form Abbreviations acronyms of H

Computer full form abbreviations Acronyms of H List of Computer science, IT-Information Technology, internet and technology

H – Computer full form

H/V- Horizontal/Vertical

H/W- HardWare

HAD- Holographic Autostereoscopic Display

HCL- Hardware Compatibility List

HD- Hard Disk

HD- High Definition

HD- High Density

HD-CD- High Definition Compact Disk

HDD- Hard Disk Drive

HD-DVD- High Definition Digital Video/Versatile Disk

HDMI- High-Definition Multimedia Interface

HDML- Handheld Device Markup Language

HDMOS- High Density Metal Oxide Semiconductor

HDP- Hard Disk Password

HD-ROM- High Density Read Only Memory

HDTV- High-Definition TeleVision

HDVD- High Definition Volumetric Display

HDW- HarDWare

HEX- HEXadecimal

HF- High Frequency

HGML- Hyper Graphics Markup Language

HIC- Hybrid Integrated Circuit

HiFD- HIgh-capacity Floppy Disk

HIPERLAN- HIgh-PErformance Radio Local Area Network

HMI- HTML Mail Interface

HP- Hewlett-Packard

HP/UX- Hewlett-Packard UniX

HPG- Hewlett-Packard Graphics

HPGL- Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language

HPLJ- Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet

HREF- Hypertext REFerence

HRG- High Resolution Graphics

HT- Horizontal Tab

HT- HyperTransport

HTA- HyperText Application

HTML- HyperText Markup Language

HTTP- HyperText Transport/Transfer Protocol

HTTP-NG- HyperText Transfer Protocol – Next Generation

HTTPS- HyperText Transport (or Transfer) Protocol Secure

HTX- HTml eXtension

HUMAN- High-speed Unlicensed Metropolitan Area Network

HW- HardWare

Hz- HertZ

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