I : Full form (Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms)

Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms OR Computer Full form


I- Italic

I/F- InterFace

I/O- Input/Output

I2C- Inter-Integrated Circuit

IA- Illustrated Audio

IA- Intel Architecture

IAP- Internet Access Provider

IAS- Internet Access Server

IBM- Internatinal Business Machine

IC- Input Circuit

IC- Integrated Circuit

IC- Internet Connector

ICDA- Integrated Cached Disk Array

ICI- Inter-CPU Interrupt

ICP- Internet Cache Protocol

ICT- Information and Communications Technology

ID- IDentifier

IDI- Initial Domain Identifier

IDN- Internationalized Domain Name

IDNX- Integrated Digital Network eXchange

IDRAM- Integrated Dynamic Random Access Memory


IGMP- Internet Group Management Protocol

IGN- IBM Global Network

IGSN- Internet GPRS Support Node

IIN- Integrated Information Network

IJORCS- International Journal Of Research in Computer Science


IMO- Intenet Mail Only

IMSO- Integrated Micro Systems Operation

IN- INput

IN- Intelligent Network


INF- INFormation

INI- INItialization

INIT- INITialize

INT- INTeger

INT- INTernal

INT- INTernational

INT- INTerrupt

INTEL- INTegrated ELectronics

IO- Input/Output

IOCC- Input/Output Controller Chip

IOCS- Input/Output Control System

IOP- Input/Output Processor

IOS- Internet Operating System

IP- Internet Protocol

IPAUTH- Internet Protocol AUTHentication

IPC- Instructions Per Clock

IPCP- Internet Protocol Control Protocol

IPL- Information Programming Language

IPM- Images Per Minute

ipm- Impressions Per Minute

IPM- InfoPrint Manager

ipm- Instructions Per Minute

ipm- Interruptions Per Minute

IPO- Input, Processing and Output

ips- Inches Per Second

IPSec- Internet Protocol SECurity

IR- InfraRed

IrLAN- InfraRed Local Area Network

IRLED- InfraRed Light Emitting Diode

IRTOS- I2o Real Time Operating System

IS- Information System

ISDN- Integrated Services Digital Network

ISIS- Integrated Systems and Information Services

ISL- Interactive System Language

ISLN- Integrated Services Local Network

ISO- International Organization for Standardization

ISO- International Standardization Organization

ISOC- Internet SOCiety

ISODE- International Standardization Organization Development Environment

ISP- Integrated System Peripheral

ISP- Internet Service Provider

ISPP- Internet Secure Payments Protocol

ISSN- International Standard Serial Number

IT- Information Technology

IT- Integration/Transformation

iTV- Interactive TeleVision

IU- Integer Unit

IUP- Internet User Population

I-WAY- Information highWAY

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