V : Full form (Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms)

Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms OR Computer Full form


V- Volt

V/F- Voltage to Frequency converter

V/IP- Voice over Internet Protocol

VA- Virtual Address

VA- Visual Age

VA- Volt-Ampere

VADD- Value Added Disk Driver

VADD- Visual Age Developer Domain

VADSL- Very-high rate Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

VAh- Volt Ampere Hour

VAI- Video As Input

VAIO- Video Audio Integrated Operation

VAIO-U- Video Audio Integrated Operation-Ubiquitous


VAN- Value-Added Network

VAN- Virtual Access Network

VAR- VARiable

VAR- Volt-Ampere Reactive

VAROS- VAriable Refraction Optical System

VAS- Virtual Audio Server

VAST- Variable Array Storage Technology

VAX- Virtual Address eXtension

VB- Variable Block

VB- Visual Basic

VBA- Visual Basic for Applications

VBIDE- Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment

VBIS- Value-Based Information System

VBNS- Very high speed Backbone Network Service

VBO- Virtual Back Office

VBR- Variable Bit Rate

VBRUN- Visual Basic RUNtime

VBS- Visual Basic Script

VBX- Visual Basic eXtension

VC- Virtual Circuit

VC- Virtual Container

VC++- Visual C++

VCB- Virtual Code Books

VCC- Virtual Channel Connection

VCD- Video Compact Disc

VCI- Virtual Circuit Identifier

VCM- Virtual Channel Memory

VCN- Virtual Cluster Number

VCOS- Virtual Computer Operating System

VCOS- Visual Caching Operating System

VCR- Video Cassette Recorder

VCSEL- Vertical Cavity Side-Emitting Laser

VDB- Virtual DataBase

VDC- Virtual Device Coordinates

VDC- Volts Direct Current

VDD- Virtual Disk Drive

VDE- Video Display Editor

VDE- Virtual Domain Environment

VDI- Video Display Input


VDM- Virtual Dos Machine

VDMAD- Virtual Direct Memory Access Device

VDP- Variable Data Printing

VDS- Virtual Dedicated Server

VDT- Video Display Terminal

VDU- Video Display Unit

VEGA- Video Enhanced Graphics Adapter


VER- VERsion

VERONICA- Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Netwide Index to Computerized Archives

VERR- VERify Read access

VERW- VERify Write access

VES- Video Encoding Standard

VESA- Video Electronics Standard Association

VF- Virtual Floppy

VF- Voice Frequency

VFAT- Virtual File Allocation Table

VFS- Virtual File System

VFW- Video For Windows

VGA- Video Graphic Array

VHD- Virtual Hard Drive

VHF- Very High Frequency

VHG- Virtual Hyper Glossary

VHS- Very High Speed

VHS- Video Home System

VHSIC- Very High Speed Integrated Circuit

VI- Vertical Interval

VI- Video Input

VI- Virtual Interface

VIC- Video Interface Chip

VIC- Virtual Image Copy

VIDC- VIDeo Controller

VINES- VIrtual NEtworking System

VIO- Video Input/Output

VIO- Virtual Input/Output

VIO- Voice Input/Output

VIP- Variable Information Processing

VIP- Video Information Provider

VIP- Video Interface Port

ViP- VIsual Programming

VIPER- Verifiable Integrated Processor for Enhanced Reliability

VIRUS- Vital Information Resources Under Siege

VIS- Video Information System

VIS- Viewable Image Size

VIVO- Video In/Video Out

VJ++- Visual J++

VLA- Variable Length Array

VLAN- Virtual Local Area Network

VLC- VideoLan Client

VLD- Variable Length Decoder

VLF- Very Low Frequency

VLK- Volume License Key

VLM- Very Large Memory

VLSI- Very Large Scale of Integration

VLSIPS- Very Large Scale Immobilized Polymer Synthesis

VM- Virtual Machine

VM- Virtual Memory

VMA- Virtual Memory Address

VMAC- Virtual Media Access Control

VMAN- Virtualization MANagement

VMD- Versatile Multilayer Disc

VML- Vector Markup Language

VMOS- Vertical Metal Oxide Semiconductor

VMOS- Virtual Multitasking Operating System

VNC- Virtual Network Computing

VNOS- Visual Network Operating System

VNS- Virtual Network Service

VO- Value Object

VO- Video Output

VOATM- Voice Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode


VOD- Video On Demand

VOIP- Voice Over Internet Protocol


VOM- Volt Ohm Milliampere

VOS- Virtual Object System

VOS- Voice Operating System

VOX- Voice Operated eXchange

VoxML- Voice Markup Language

VPBX- Virtual Private Branch eXchange

VPD- Virtual Printer Device

VPDN- Virtual Private Data Network

VPDS- Virtual Private Data Service

VPN- Virtual Page Number

VPN- Virtual Private Network

VPS- Virtual Private Server

VPS- Voice Processing System

VPU- Visual Processing Unit

VQ- Video Quality

VQF- Vector Quantization Format

VRAM- Video Random Access Memory

V-RATE- Vendor Risk Assessment and Threat Evaluation

VROOMM- Virtual Real-time Object Oriented Memory Manager

VRRP- Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

VSAM- Virtual Storage Access Method

VSD- ViSio Diagram

VSIMM- Video Single In line Memory Module

VSIO- Virtual Serial Input Output

VSM- Virtual Shared Memory

VSN- Volume Serial Number

VSOS- Virtual Storage Operating System

VSP- Vertical Service Provider

VSYNC- Vertical SYNChronization

VTAM- Virtual Table Access Method

VTAM- Virtual Telecommunications Access Method

VTNS- Virtual Telecommunications Network Service

VTR- Video Tape Recorder

VTS- Virtual Tape System

VTX- VideoTeX

VTY- Virtual teleTYpewriter

VUI- Visual User Interface

VuXML- VUlnerabilities and eXposures Markup Language

VWM- Virtual Window Manager

VxD- Virtual eXtended Driver

VxFS- Veritas File System

VXML- Voice eXtensible Markup Language

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