0-9:Computer Abbreviations acronyms full-form

0-9:Computer Abbreviations acronyms full-form

0-9:Computer abbreviations, Acronyms and full-form of 0-9 and A-Z List of Computer science, IT-Information Technology, internet and technology

μ (mu)- Micro (10-6)

10B2— 10BASE-2

10B5— 10BASE-5

10B-F— 10BASE-F




10B-T— 10BASE-T

100B-FX— 100BASE-FX

100B-T— 100BASE-T

100B-TX— 100BASE-TX

100BVG— 100BASE-VG

1GL- 1st Generation Language

24/7- 24 hours a day/7 days a week

2D- 2-Dimensional

2D- Double Density

2G- 2nd Generation (14.4 kbps)

2GL- 2nd Generation Language

2HD- 2 sides, High Density

2S- 2 Sides

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2S2D- 2 Sides, Double Density

2SHD- 2 Sides, High Density

3D- 3-Dimensional

3G- 3rd Generation (300-400 kbps)

3GIO- 3rd Generation Input Output

3GL- 3rd Generation Language

4G- 4th Generation

4GL- 4th Generation Language

4GT- 4 Gigabyte memory Tuning

5GL- 5th Generation Language

8B10BLF— 8 Byte 10 Byte Local Fiber

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