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FTPS- File Transfer Protocol over SSL

S- Strike-through

SAC- Service Access Control

SACD- Super Audio Compact Disk

SACL- System Access Control List

SAM- Serial Access Memory

SAML- Security Assertion Markup Language

SAN- Storage Area Network

SAN- System Area Network

SAP- Second Audio Program

SAP- Service Access Point

SATA- Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

SBCS- Single-Byte Character Set

SBL- Softbridge Basic Language

SBP- Serial Bus Protocol

SCC- Super Computer Center

SCD- Standard Color Display

SCDJWS- Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services

SCI- Serial Communication Interface

SCP- Save Cursor Position

SCP- Secure Copy

SCP- Service Control Point


SCRAM- Software Configuration, Release And Management


SD- Secure Digital

SD- Serial Digital

SD- Single Density

SD- Super Density

SDD- Super Density Disk

SDHC- Secure Digital High-Capacity

SDN- Software Defined Network

SDNS- Secure Data Network Service

SDNSDU- Secure Domain Name System Dynamic Update

SDRAM- Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

SD-ROM- Super Density Read Only Memory

SE- Second Edition

SE- Special Edition

SE- Standard Edition

SED- Stream EDitor

SEG- SEGment


SEL- SELector byte


SERDES- SERializer/DESerializer

SES- SecureEasySetup

SFS- System File Server

SFTP- Secure File Transfer Protocol

SFTP- Simple File Transfer Protocol

SGML- Standard Generalized Markup Language

SGRAM- Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory

SHAR- SHell ARchive

SHF- Super High Frequency

S-HTTP- Secure HyperText Transport Protocol

SI- Serial Input

SI- Shift In

SI- System Information

SI- System Integrator

SI/SO- Serial In/Serial Out

SI/SO- Shift In/Shift Out

SIC- Silicon Integrated Circuit

SIF- Setup Information File

SIFT- Sender-Initiated File Transfer

SIG- SIGnature

SIGPLAN- Special Interest Group on Programming LANguages

SIM- SIMplex

SIM- SIMulator

SIM- Subscriber Identity Module


SIO- Serial Input/Output

SIPO- Serial In, Parallel Out

SIPP- SImple Polygon Processor

SIR- Serial InfraRed

SIT- StuffIT

SLDRAM- Synchronous Link Dynamic Random Access Memory

SLED- Single Large Expensive Disk

SLIC- System Level Integration Circuit

SLIM- Structured Language for Internet Markup

SLU- Secondary Logical Unit

SM- Shared Memory

SM- Smart Media

SMASH- Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware

SMBIOS- System Management Basic Input/Output System

SMBUS- System Management BUS

SMI- Static Memory Interface

SMIL- Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language

SML- Smart Markup Language

SML- Standard Machine Language

SMOR- Storage Manager On ROM

SMRAM- System Management Random Access Memory

SMS- Short Message Service

SMS- System Managed Storage

SMS- System Management Server

SN- Serial Number

SNAM- Server Net Access Manager

SNAP- System and Network Administration Program


SNMPSEC- Simple Network Management Protocol SECurity

SNOBOL- StriNg Oriented symBOlic Language

SNP- Serial Number/Password

SOL- Simulation Oriented Language

SONET- Synchronous Optical NETwork

SOS- Standard and Open System

SOX- Schema for Object-oriented Xml

SOX- SOund eXchange

SP- Sequence Processor

SP- Signal Processor

SPA- Secure Password Authentication

SPDL- Standard Page Description Language

SPECFS- SPECial File System

SPGA- Staggered Pin Grid Array

SPI- Serial Peripheral Interface

SPI- Service Provider Interface

SPL- SPelL checker

SPL- SPooLer

SPL- System Programming Language

SPS- Structured PostScript

SPS- Symantec Product Specialist

SPT- Sectors Per Track

SPU- System Processing Unit

SPUD- Storage Pedestal Upgrade Disk

SQ- SQueezed

SQE- Signal Quality Error

SQL- Structured Query Language

SQL/DS- Structured Query Language/Data System

SQLJ- Structured Query Language for Java

SQRT- SQuare RooT

SRAM- Shadow Random Access Memory

SRAM- Static Random Access Memory

SRAPI- Speech Recognition Application Programming Interface


SRDRAM- Self-Refreshed Dynamic Random Access Memory

SRM- Security Risk Management

SRO- Sharable and Read Only

SRP- Secure Remote Password

SRQ- Service ReQuest

SS- Single-Sided

SS- Solid State

SS- Stack Segment

SS/SNA- Server to Server System Network Architecture

SSAD- Structured System Analysis and Design

SSADM- Structured System Analysis and Design Method

SSAP- Session Service Access Point

SSAP- Source Service Access Point

SSB- Single SideBand

SSCOP- Service Specific Connection Orientated Protocol

SSD- Solid State Disk

SSDP- Simple Service Discovery Protocol

SSFDC- Solid State Floppy Disc Card

SSI- Single System Image

SSML- Speech Synthesis Markup Language

SSP- Security Support Provider

SSP- Service Switching Point

SSP- Storage Service Provider

SSP- System Support Program

SSSD- Single Sided Single Density

STD- Standard

STDAUX- STanDard AUXiliary


STDIN- STanDard INput


STDPRN- STanDard PRiNter

STL- Standard Template Library

STN-LCD- Super Twist Nematic Liquid Crystal Display

STP- Service Transaction Program

STPML- Straight Through Processing Markup Language

STPP- Strategic Technology Protection Program

STRUDL- STRUctural Design Language

STX- Start of TeXt

STX- Streaming Transformations for Xml


SU- Scalable Unit

SUA- Single User Account

SUB- SUBroutine

SUB- Subscript

SUB- SUBtract

SUP- Superscript

SUSP- System Use Sharing Protocol

SVC- Switched Virtual Circuit

SVCD- Super Video Compact Disc

SVF- Schema Validation Framework

SVG- Scalable Vector Graphics

SVGA- Super Video Graphics Array


SW- SoftWare

SWAN- Sun Wide Area Network

SWAP- Shared Wireless Access Protocol

SWIFT- Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

SWIM- System Wide Information Management

SWP- Simple Web Printing


SWRL- Semantic Web Rule Language

SWS- Symantec Web Security

SX- SimpleX

SXGA- Super eXtended Graphics Array

SXQL- Simple Xml Query Language

SYM- SYMbols

SYMPL- SYsteM Programming Language

SYN- SYNonym

SYNC- SYNChronous


SYS- SYStem configuration

SYS- SYStem device driver


SYSGEN- SYStem GENerator


SYSMOD- SYStem MODification

SYSOP- SYStem OPerator


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