Q : Full form (Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms)

Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms OR Computer Full form


Q- Quotation

Q&A- Questions & Answers

Q/A- Questions and Answers

QBE- Query By Example

QBF- Query by Form

QBIC- Query By Image Content

QC- Quality Control

QC- Quantum Coprocessor

QDF- Quicken Data File

QDI- Quicken DIctionary

QDMS- Quality Document Management System

QDOS- Quick and Dirty Operating System

QFA- Quick File Access

QFHD- Quad Full High Definition

QIC- Quarter-Inch Cartridge

QL- Quantum Leap

QPG- Quantum Phase Gate

QPL- Qualified Product List

QPM- Quantitative Process Management

QSAM- Queued Sequential Access Method

QT- QuickTime

QTAM- Queued Teleprocessing Access Method

QUEL- QUEry Language

QVGA- Quarter Video Graphic Array

QXGA- Quad eXtended Graphics Array

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