P : Full form (Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms)

Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms OR Computer Full form


P- Paragraph

P- Peta

p- Pico

P&D- Plug & Display

P2P- Peer To Peer

PACS- Picture Archiving and Communication System

PACS-L- Public Access Computer Systems List

PAK- Packed

PAL- PALette

PAL- Phase Alternate Line

PAL- Processor Abstraction Layer

PAL- Programmable Array Logic

PAL- Programmable Assembly Language

PAL- Publication Access List

PALC- Parallel-Aligned Liquid crystal Spatial Light Modulator

PAM- Paging Area Memory

PAM- Pluggable Authentication Module

PAM- Primary Access Method

PAN- Personal Account Number

PAN- Personal Area Network

PAP- Password Authentication Protocol

PAP- Printer Access Protocol

PAP- Push Access Protocol

PAR- Parallel

PAR- Personal Animation Recorder

PAR- Personal Audio Recorder

PA-RISC- Precision Architecture Reduced Instruction Set Computer


PAT- PATtern

PATN- Port Access Telephone Number

PAX- Portable Archive eXchange

PB- PetaByte

PBE- Prompt By Example

PC- Personal Computer

PC- Printed Circuit

PCIXF- Personal Computer Intergrated eXchange Format

PCACIAS- Personal Computer Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System

PCB- Printed Circuit Board

PCD- Photo Compact Disc

PC-DOS- Personal Computer – Disk Operating System

PCFS- Personal Computer FIle System

PCIO- Program Controlled Input Output

PCM- Personal Computer Manufacturer

PCMIM- Personal Computer Media Interface Module

PCMS- Project and Configuration Management System

PCN- Personal Computer Network

PCNFS- Personal Computer Network File System

PCS- Personal Computing System

PCT- PiCTure

PCX- PiCture eXchange

PD- Personal Display

PD- Portable Device

PD- Public Domain

PDA- Personal Digital Assistant

PDB- Program DataBase

PDC- Primary Domain Controller

PDCD- Phase-change Dual Compact Disk

PDD- Portable Digital Document

PDF- Package Definition File

PDF- Portable Document Format

PDF- Printer Description File

PDI- Personal Data Interchange

PDL- Page Description Language

PDL- Program Description Language

PDL- Program Design Language

PDN- Public Data Network

PDP- Plasma Display Panel

PDS- Portable Document Software

PE- Portable Executable

PE- Processing Element

PE- Professional Edition

PEARL- Process and Experiment Automation Realtime Language

PEROM- Programmable Erasable Read Only Memory

PFB- Printer Font Binary

PFS- Parallel File System

PFX- Personal inFormation eXchange

PGA- Professional Graphics Adapter

PGA- Program Global Area


PGM- ProGraM

PGML- Precision Graphics Markup Language


PHOLED- PHosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diode

PHP- Php- Hypertext Preprocessor

PiB- PebIByte


PIII- Pentium 3

PIN- Personal Identification Number

PIN- Postal Index Number

PINX- Private Integrated services Network eXchange

PJPEG- Progressive Joint Photographic Experts Group

P-JPEG- Progressive Joint Photographic Experts Group

PK- Primary Key

PLC- Programmable Logic Controller

PLED- Polymeric Light Emitting Diode

PL-LCD- PhotoLuminescent Liquid Cristal Display

PM6- PageMaker 6

PML- Pattern Markup Language

PML- Personal Mailing List

PMT- PhotoMultiuplier Tube

PNA- Programmable Network Access

PnD- Plug and Display

PNG- Portable Network Graphics

PnP- Plug and Play

PNRP- Peer Name Resolution Protocol

PNW- Personal NetWare

POD- Plain Old Documentation

POD- Plain Old Dos

POD- Power On Display

POD- Publishing On Demand

PODP- Pentium OverDrive Processor

POJO- Plain Old Java Object

POL- Problem-Oriented Language

POOL- Parallel Object Oriented Language

POOP- Parallel Object Oriented Programming

POP- Package for Online Programming

POPL- Principles of Programming Languages

POR- Power-On-Reset

POS- Pick Operating System

POS- POSitive

POSE- PalmOS Emulator

POSH- Plain Old Semantic HTML

POSI- Promoting conference for Open System Interconnect

POSTNET- POSTal Numeric Encoding Technique

POSYBL- PrOgramming SYstem for distriButed appLications

POWDER- PrOtocol for Web DEscription Resources

POWER- Performance Optimization With Enhanced Risc

PowerPC- Performance Optimization With Enhanced Risc Performance Computing

PPC- PowerPC

PPD- PostScript Printer Description

ppi- Pixels Per Inch

PPL- Polymorphic Programming Language

ppm- Pages Per Minute

PPM- Portable Pixel Map

PPML- Personalized Print Markup Language

PPPOATM- Point-to-Point Protocol Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode

PPPOI- Point to Point Protocol Over ISDN

PPS- Packets Per Second

PPS- Per-Pixel Shading

PPT- PowerPoint

PPVPN- Provider Provisioned Virtual Private Network

PRAM- Parallel Random-Access Machine

PRAM- Parameter Random Access Memory

P-RAM- Parameter Random Access Memory

PRD- PRinter Driver

PRF- PReFerences

PRF- Pulse Repetition Frequency

PRIDE- PRofitable Information by DEsign

PRISM- Parallel Reduced Instruction Set Multiprocessing

PRISM- Photo Refractive Information Storage Materials

PRJ- PRoJect

PRMD- PRivate Management Domain

PRN- Printer

PRO- PROfile


PROCFS- PROCess FIle System


PROGID- PROGrammatic IDentifier

PROLOG- PROgramming in LOGic

PROM- Programmable Read Only Memory

PROMATS- PROgrammable MAgnetic Tape System

PROTEL- Procedure Oriented Type Enforcing Language

PRS- Protective Relay System


PSAP- Presentation Service Access Point

PSC- Personal Super Computer

PSD- PhotoShop Drawing

PSDN- Packet Switched Data Network

PSN- Processor Serial Number

PSRAM- Pseudo Static Random Access Memory

P-SRAM- Pseudo-Static Random Access Memory

PTML- Proxicom Template Markup Language


PURL- Persistent Uniform Resource Locator

PVC- PolyVinyl Chloride

PVM- Parallel Virtual Machine

PVP-OPM- Protected Video Path – Output Protection Management

PVR- Personal Video Recorder

PWP- Personal Web Pages

PWR- Power

PWS- Personal Web Server

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