Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form of A

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

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A- Ampere

A- Anchor (HTML tag)

a- atto (10-18)

Å- Ångstrom (10-10)

A/D- Analog/Digital

A/P- Accounts Payable

A/PC- Auto Personal Computer

A/R- Accounts Receivable

A/UX- Apple UniX

AAC- Authorization and Access Control

AAP- Applications Access Point

AAS- Auto Area Segmentation

AAT- Average Access Time

ABA- Address Book Archive (Filename extension)

ABC- Atanasoff-Berry Computer (First digital calculating machine that used vacuum tubes)

ABEL- Advanced Boolean Expression Language

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form
Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form


ABI- Application Binary Interface

ABIOS- Advanced Basic Input Output System

ABS- Auto Balance System

ABS- Automatic Backup System

AC- Alternate Current

AC- Authentication Center

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

AC- AutoCheck

AC- Automatic Computer

ACDI- Asynchronous Communications Device Interface

ACE- Access Control Encryption

ACE- Advanced Computing Environment

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

ACE- Ascii Compatible Encoding

ACF- Advanced Communications Function

ACIAS- Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System

ACID- Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability

ACL- Access Control List

ACL- Advanced CMOS Logic

ACM- Afp Conversion Module

ACM- Audio Compression Manager

ACMS- Application Control Management System

ACNM- Application Centric Network Management

ACP- Active Code Page

ACP- Auxiliary Control Process

ACPI- Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

ACROSS- Automated Cargo Release and Operations Service System

ACS- Access Control Server

ACS- Access Control Set

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

ACS- Access Control System

ACS- Advanced Computer System

ACSM- Application Centric Storage Management

ACT- Application Compatibility Toolkit

ACTS- Automated Computer Time Server

ACTT- Advanced Communication and Timekeeping Technology

AD- Active Directory

ADB- Apple Desktop Bus

ADBS- Advanced Data Broadcast System

ADC- Active Directory Connector

ADC- Analog to Digital Converter

ADCCP- Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures

ADF- Adapter Description File (File name extension)

ADF- Automatic Document Feeder

ADMACS- Apple Document Management And Control System

ADMD- ADministrative Management Domain

ADML- Application Description Markup Language

ADML- Architecture Description Markup Language

ADP- Access Database Project (Filename extension)

ADS- Active Directory Service

ADS- Advanced Digital System

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

ADS- Application Development Solutions

ADSM- Advanced Data Storage Management

ADT- Access Developer Toolkit

ADUC- Active Directory Users and Computers

AE- Above or Equal

AFC- Automatic Font Change

AFC- Automatic Frequency Control

AFD- Automatic File Distribution

AFM- Adobe Font Metrics (File name extension)

AGA- Advanced Graphics Adapter

Ah- Ampere Hour

AI- Analog Input

AI- Artificial Intelligence

AIO- All In One

AIS- Automated Information System

AJAX- Asynchronous Javascript Technology and Xml

ALC- Arithmetic and Logic Circuits

ALGOL- ALGOrithmic Language

ALIWEB- Archie Like Indexing in the WEB

ALR- Advanced Logic Research

ALT- ALTernate

ALU- Arithmetic Logic Unit

AM- Amplitude Modulation

AMP- Alfresco Module Package

AMPS- Advanced Mobile Phone System

ANI- ANImated cursor (File name extension)

AO- Analog Output

AP- Access Point

AP- Access Provider

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

AP- Application Processor

AP- Application Protocol

APL- A Programming Language

APN- Access Point Name

APP- APPlication

APU- Audio Processing Unit

ARC- ARChive

ARF- Abort, Retry, Fail

ARPANET- Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork

AS- Advanced Server

AS- Application Server

Computer Abbreviations Acronyms Full-form

AS- Authentication Service

AS- Autonomous System

ASC- ASCii text

ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASM- Advanced System Management

ASM- ASseMbler (File name extension)

ASQ- Automated Software Quality

ASR- Automatic Speech Recognition

ASR- Automatic System Recovery

AST- Atlantic Standard Time

ASV- Advanced Super View

AT- Advanced Technology

AT- ATtention

AT&T- American Telephone And Telegraph

ATA- Advanced Technology Attachment

ATC- Advanced Transfer Cache

ATM- Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATM- Automatic Teller Machine


AU- Audio (File name extension)

AUX- AUXiliary

AV- Anti Virus

AV- Audio Video

AVG- Average

AVGA- Advanced Video Graphic Array

AVTK- Anti Virus ToolKit

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